RAID Partners with Human Factors

Dive RAID International has always been known for quality instruction and its focus on enhancing safety for students and professional members. At some point, it was obvious and inevitable that RAID would find a way for its members and students to benefit from the pioneering work of Gareth Lock and his Human Diver, Counter-Errorism in […]

Action Cam Specialty

RAID Action Cam Specialty

RAID Action Cam Specialty Take your underwater vids and stills to the next level…  Award-winning filmmaker Jeff Goodman releases Action Camera course for RAID Nothing could be more in keeping with RAID’s approach to developing interesting programs with meaningful content than its just-released Action Camera Program. This latest online course was created specifically to fit into […]

RAID invites you to reboot your SCUBA skills

RAID Scuba Reboot

RAID invites you to reboot your SCUBA skills Brand-new refresher program, SCUBA REBOOT, is designed to keep you safe and comfortable when you get back in the water Even the most experienced diver knows that “Scuba skills are perishable:” so, if you haven’t been diving for a while, it’s probably time for a SCUBA REBOOT. […]


Why RAID? Many people have asked what is the difference between RAID and other dive agencies? Here are 8 very good reasons why as a diver or a dive professional RAID is the smart choice.     Email Us Live Chat Wanna be a diver, or already a diver? Wanna be a RAID Business? Download […]

Depth Therapy, Joins RAID

Depth Therapy

Richard Cullen appointed to RAID board Depth Therapy founder joins as Director Adaptive Training Dive RAID International announced today that there will be a special focus on their adaptive training program as Richard Cullen joins the agency’s staff. Cullen, well-known as one of the founders of Deptherapy has been appointed Director Adaptive Training and joins […]

Why Zero FEe-Membership is possible

Reaction to RAID’s Zero FEe-Membership… Wow, what a response! When we shared the news with the world about Zero FEe-Membership, we had planned for a healthy response, but even so, we are in shock. We have been inundated with emails, phone calls, and video calls. Mostly, from our members saying thank you for making this […]

Zero FEe-membership

RAID Zero FEe Membership

RAID will shake the dive industry to its roots today by announcing Zero FEe-Membership* to all its professional members and dive centers. The industry norm is to charge instructors and dive centers an annual fee to do business with them. RAID has torn up the status quo and once again offered something new and unique […]

DPV Diver Course Released

DPV DIVER COURSE RELEASE Put some dash in your dives and get moving with the raid DPV programs. The thrill of speeding through the water behind a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) is an experience that really gets the blood racing. Using a DPV provides divers both immense fun and the means to achieve goals that […]

Issue 2, The Edge

Issue 2, The Edge Magazine Although 2020 has been extremely challenging, we wanted to leave this year on a high note and with that, we are proud to announce the release of Issue #2 of the Edge Magazine, Powered by RAID. Read the latest RAID industry news, inspirational travel reports, equipment reviews, and RAID Training […]

Instructor Play Book

A radical departure from the usual. Totally new RAID instructor materials launched. Becoming an instructor, regardless of agency, takes a huge amount of time and dedication. One of RAID’s primary goals as an agency is to keep our teaching methodology in line with technical and teaching advancements across all educational industries. RAID released its last […]