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Issue 2, The Edge Magazine

Although 2020 has been extremely challenging, we wanted to leave this year on a high note and with that, we are proud to announce the release of Issue #2 of the Edge Magazine, Powered by RAID.
Read the latest RAID industry news, inspirational travel reports, equipment reviews, and RAID Training Updates.
Issue #2 highlights include:
• Question and Answers. We chat with RAID Director of Diver Training, Steve Lewis about wreck and cave diving and what the future holds for RAID.
• RAID medical advisor, Doug Ebersole MD discusses the most common cardiac issues in diving and why it is important to be dive fit.
• Professor Timmy Gambin introduces us to the Virtual Museum Underwater Malta.
• Freediving guru, Emma Farrel offers her ten top tips for equalization and how they can be applied to scuba.
• Travel the world with feature articles on the Egyptian Red Sea’s infamous ‘wreck graveyard’.
• This issue we have focussed heavily on our Regional offices and we take time to introduce our global team members and they in turn showcase some of the amazing diving opportunities available in these territories.
• RAID Instructor trainer, Jeffrey Glenn discusses stage cylinder management and protocols.
• Since we are releasing our new DPV and Advanced DPV courses, we take you on a DPV tour of Malta.
• Jill Heinerth takes us on an exciting tour of Canada and since she knows a thing or two about rebreathers, she offers her personal advice on what you should know before buying a closed-circuit rebreather.
• Receive hints and tips on how to improve your dive skills with our senior RAID instructional “Dive like a Pro” team consisting of PJ Prinsloo, Dan Weeks, and Oli van Overbeek. In this issue, they look at finning techniques.
• Our panel of underwater photographers provides insight into entering and exiting the water with a camera system.
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