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Do you want a quick taste or a long-term career?  Choose RAID!

The benefits of choosing RAID as a training partner, from a half-day Try-Dive experience to the most complex cave diving or rebreather expedition, and everything in between. 

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The RAID logo means you’ll get quality attention regardless of how deeply you want to explore the underwater adventure zone.


Our policy is that no diver graduates from a RAID diving program, uncomfortable doing the skills required to enjoy diving safely. Diving without proficiency in the essential skills is a high-risk activity.  So there is no fudging competency, no sign-off when more work is needed. RAID pioneered several best practices in the scuba training world.  NO kneeling on the bottom to demonstrate skills. And, proper gas management from open water onwards, for example.

Because of our stance, we have been called ‘harsh’ and our programs ‘unnecessarily difficult.’ We say that’s nonsense. Diving requires mastery of the basics.  A step-by-step progression as divers work towards more complex goals. It’s simply a question of us working to help keep you as safe as possible and make you the best you can be.

Grow your comfort, build your confidence. Dive RAID