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Our Local Team

James Costello

james @ diveraid-smb.com

James migrated to Singapore from the UK in 2002, under the role of a Principle R&D Engineer for a large Semi-conductor MNC.

He co-founded Diving Solutions (Asia) at the end of 2007 as a dive center/equipment importer, and a design and manufacturing house.  Initially designing their own LED dive torches followed by side mount harnesses they were one of the pioneers of recreational side mount within Singapore.  James moved to SDI becoming an active Instructor Trainer 2008, and an IT Staff Instructor in 2013.  With his partner, they have both developed Diving Solutions to be a significant player in the retail markets of Singapore/Malaysia.

James Costello

Simon Hemmings

simon @ diveraid-smb.com

Moved to Singapore in 1996 working in the construction industry as Business Development Director overseeing several billion-dollar projects.

He has been an Instructor and active in the diving industry for over 10 years co-owning Diving Solutions (Singapore) and more recently expanding our operations into Malaysia. During this time he has developed the retail side internationally shipping to well over 110 countries worldwide.