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Put some dash in your dives and get moving with the raid DPV programs.
The thrill of speeding through the water behind a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) is an experience that really gets the blood racing. Using a DPV provides divers both immense fun and the means to achieve goals that would be impossible without their use.
RAID is proud to announce the new two-tier DPV training program with certifications for DPV and Advanced DPV.
Recreational and technical divers are using DPVs to access sites that would be difficult to reach and explore using traditional propulsion methods; to help propel large amounts of heavy equipment; to increase the safety of dives in areas of strong current, or just for the pure exhilaration of shooting through the water at speed and performing underwater acrobatics.
By extending your capabilities and extending your range, using a DPV opens new vistas for exploration and fun.
This certification option is aimed at the recreational diver who wishes to learn how to use a DPV to enhance their diving by using mainly natural navigation.
Advanced DPV
This certification option is available to anyone who is familiar with long hose configuration, has logged a minimum of 20 dives, and is certified as Navigation specialty divers.
This certification option is aimed at the slightly more experienced diver with preexisting navigational training and diving on a single, twin, or sidemount setup with a long hose. Although this level is slightly more challenging, the more advanced navigation exercises provide an important base for more complex types of DPV diving within a team.
You must:
• Be a minimum of 12 years old.
• Be certified as RAID Open Water 20, Junior Open Water, or equivalent.

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