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Richard Cullen appointed to RAID board

Depth Therapy founder joins as Director Adaptive Training

Dive RAID International announced today that there will be a special focus on their adaptive training program as Richard Cullen joins the agency’s staff.

Cullen, well-known as one of the founders of Deptherapy has been appointed Director Adaptive Training and joins the agency immediately. Deptherapy develops and delivers specially designed SCUBA diving programs for seriously injured veterans and serving personnel of the British Armed Forces. The Deptherapy program has helped many hundreds of men and women deal with post-trauma mental and physical challenges following all manner of injuries suffered while serving in the military.

In his new role as RAID’s Director Adaptive Training, Cullen will take over product-development responsibilities for the RAID Adaptive Diver program. Working with RAID’s VP Training, PJ Prinsloo, Cullen will be rewriting both student manuals, creating new instructor materials inline with RAID’s instructor playbook format. Cullen will also work on related support materials, and new standards promoting what he called a neglected but highly rewarding aspect of diver training.

Cullen said: “I am honoured and humbled to become RAID’s Director Adaptive Teaching. I hope to bring to RAID the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years in Deptherapy developing an innovative approach to adaptive teaching. My aim is to make RAID the go-to diver training agency for knowledge and advice regarding adaptive teaching.”

He went on to explain that adaptive teaching in most diver training agency has been stagnant for many years and the changes he plans will benefit the community with the development and innovation a major agency brings to the ‘poolside.’

“Our new approach at RAID, will make scuba diving accessible to those within our communities who have mental and physical challenges.” He said.

We are excited about Richard joining our training team because he brings to RAID a wealth of knowledge developing teaching strategies and hands-on experience working with people with all manner of different challenges (both physical and mental). That deep knowledge gained from years with Deptherapy will be invaluable for RAID Dive Centres and instructors who are interested in working with and offering scuba instruction at all levels to divers of all abilities.