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RAID invites you to reboot your SCUBA skills

Brand-new refresher program, SCUBA REBOOT, is designed to keep you safe and comfortable when you get back in the water

Even the most experienced diver knows that “Scuba skills are perishable:” so, if you haven’t been diving for a while, it’s probably time for a SCUBA REBOOT. RAID’s new program is there to help certified divers who have been unable to dive for a while, refresh their knowledge and bring their in-water skills back to the level needed to be safe, comfortable, and competent once again.

Explaining the new on-line course, VP Training, PJ Prinsloo said: “Scuba Reboot was the missing piece of RAID’s program. Our instructors were telling us that Scuba Reboot would be a terrific addition filling an obvious need right now with so many divers finally getting an opportunity to go diving after what’s been a longer than usual break <between seasons>.”

And Prinsloo added that Scuba Reboot has a couple of additional benefits for divers and RAID’s teaching professions.

RAID Scuba Reboot
This new program for 2022 is the correct solution for any diver who’s been inactive for a spell regardless of her previous level of certification.

“Of course, the primary audience for a reboot is our RAID students, but this course also works for ANY diver who is curious to find out what diving The RAID Way™ is all about. The course is a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase what makes our way of teaching and our agency’s approach to dive planning and execution a little different.”

He added that as a one-day condensed refresher, RAID instructors can also use the Scuba Reboot program to assess the skill level and in-water comfort of candidates for RAID ConED programs.

“An instructor who is unfamiliar with a student’s abilities can use this new program as a structured one-day review to be sure that they are ready to take on an advanced RAID program, and that they will get the maximum value from it.”

Every student taking this course must be a certified Cadet Diver, Junior Open Water 20 Diver or Open Water 20 Diver or equivalent from a sister agency. (Minimum age to join this course is 10 years old — with parent or guardian’s permission and with modifications to instructor-student ratios.)

The course includes a comprehensive revision of academic knowledge, and at least one confined water or pool session working on basic skills. An additional open water dive is optional.

After successfully completing the Scuba Reboot program, divers earn a Scuba Reboot e-card to record the completion of their update program.