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RAID Action Cam Specialty

Take your underwater vids and stills to the next level…  Award-winning filmmaker Jeff Goodman releases Action Camera course for RAID

RAID Action Cam Specialty

Nothing could be more in keeping with RAID’s approach to developing interesting programs with meaningful content than its just-released Action Camera Program.

This latest online course was created specifically to fit into the RAID Way of instruction and learning by Jeff Goodman, a multiple award-winning, cameraman, filmmaker, and author.

Regardless of whether you are completely new to underwater video and stills or an aspiring pro with your own YouTube following, RAID ACTION CAMERA will give you the help, information, and coaching to move your results up to the next level… and more.

Having worked on films above and below the world’s oceans for international clients, and as the author of two books on the art and craft of underwater videography, Jeff goes well beyond the scope of the usual Subject Matter Expert, with this course.

It gives clear and concise guidance on how to get the very best results from your action camera. The rapid advances in technology for diving as well as underwater camera equipment and lighting mean that traditional photography courses don’t hit the mark.

Jeff’s content is lively, up-to-date, detailed, thorough, and easy to follow. And it is graphics-rich, showing what can be done with today’s simple action cameras. Moreover, his creativity and understanding of the challenges a diver faces to capture the perfect image—still or moving—make this program unique and relevant for today’s diver using today’s equipment.

“Jeff has managed to condense the experience of more than 10,000 dives and countless hours of underwater filmmaking and photography in a tight package for us,” says RAID’s P.J. Prinsloo.

Prinsloo, RAID’s VP of Training, adds, “Jeff shows how versatile action cameras can be, and that as a product class, they have traveled light years away from the earlier versions about capabilities, function, and quality.”

Jeff, who is based in the UK, runs bespoke underwater video and editing workshops aimed at rank beginners up to budding professionals, says he is very happy with the course.

“We based the RAID course on a recent book, which you could say is a perfect companion piece. The book is optional reading and not officially part of the course. That aside, in both this course and the book, I set out wanting to help students to get the very best video and stills from their equipment, because it is possible to get wonderful results with just a little extra attention and a few secrets.”