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The Human Diver

Dive RAID International has always been known for quality instruction and its focus on enhancing safety for students and professional members. At some point, it was obvious and inevitable that RAID would find a way for its members and students to benefit from the pioneering work of Gareth Lock and his Human Diver, Counter-Errorism in Diving™ initiative.

RAID, in collaboration with The Human Diver, is making the Essentials of Human Factors in Diving course available to our global community. This baseline course from The Human Diver is designed to improve general communications and improve teamwork among divers in many ways. The course objectives include helping divers make better decisions when planning and executing dives of all kinds and at all levels, from beginner to experienced technical divers and instructors. It also has solid tips on how to make a better and more informed analysis of your decisions and those of others.

RAID Partners with Human Factors
The HF Essentials program provides excellent supplementary instruction for divers and instructors.

The course shows how good teamwork, combined with good leadership and followership within the team leads to good communications and improved situational awareness, and how all of these factors contribute to far better decision making. The course also examines how stress and fatigue can influence all of these factors as well as providing useful insights into the benefits of structured briefings and debriefings to help learning and improvement of diver performance.