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What is REMOTe-Training?

It is another innovation by RAID to help anyone learn – we offer a range of courses that can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

How REMOTe-Training Works

Sign up for a course with an active RAID dive center, and request to complete the course through REMOTe-Training.  You study the academic portion of the course and complete the quizzes and exams in the normal way.  But any classroom training is then provided using a combination of an audio-visual platform and or mobile apps.

RAIDs innovation, adding flexibility to your life!

Take advantage of REMOTe-Training if you are unable to travel, or too far from your local RAID center.  Complete a course with the RAID dive center before you travel to the location on holiday, so you can maximize your diving time.

Dive Professionals taking advantage of REMOTe-Training

Increase your customer base beyond your local area, by using REMOTe-Training.  Optimize your teaching by being able to conduct a class from anywhere, using one of the many free audio-visual platforms (e.g. Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom).

RAID is the online-learning expert – technology is how we roll – our online learning system was the first fully online system in the industry and remains the market leader. Being able to complete courses without ever visiting a dive center, using a combination of technologies is the way of the future.