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Nitrox Virtual Analyzer

The Nitrox Virtual Analyzer is just another innovative way RAID, empowers the diver and instructor.  The NVA is the ONLY way to get fully certified as a Nitrox diver, without attending a physical class.

NVA gives you the ability to safely and conveniently learn how to operate a Nitrox Analyzer.  Without having to visit a dive center to borrow an analyzer and cylinder of Nitrox or go to the expense of purchasing an analyzer & Nitrox cylinder.

The app allows you to make mistakes in safety, let the app guide you through the correct way to calibrate and analyze a Nitrox gas mix.

The app has been written by experienced diving instructors, and closely resembles a real Nitrox Analyzer in both its look, operation, and response.  So when you use a real Nitrox analyzer you will be familiar with its use.

This app gives you the ONLY way to get certified by any diving agency for Nitrox without attending a class!  A requirement for most Nitrox courses is to analyze a Nitrox mix, to obtain certification; if you haven’t done that you should consult your instructor/dive center if you have correctly fulfilled the requirements of your course.

NOTE: This app is for simulation purposes only, it CAN NOT measure the actual oxygen percentage in a gas.  There is no Oxygen sensor in your mobile device! 

  • Look and feel of an actual Nitrox analyzer
  • Practice use
  • Learn what to avoid when analyzing Nitrox
  • Complete your Nitrox Course, faster and easier than any other way


Available for Android on Google Play Store and for iOS at Apple App Store